Under the Bed Brouwerij Presents

Quest for Belgian Beers–Tasting Notes

In Ramblin's on July 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm

A La Becasse

Sour ale tasting


Timmerman’s Lambic Doux—deep honey color.  Light, spritzy, a little sweet.  Fruity, low carbonation, lightly sour.

Timmerman’s Lambic Blanc—pale straw color.  Very dry, white wine character.  Mild but crisp acidity, apparent coriander aroma.

Timmerman’s Kriek—Deep pink.  Big cherry smell, lightly sweet and medium acidity.  Fresh cherry flavor.

Bourgogne de Flanders (lambic-brown ale blend, aged in oak)—Biggest head of the four beers.  Dark amber/brown color.  Nutty, slight crystal malt flavor, some mineral, faintly sour.

Delirium Café

Boon Geuze—light and cider-like, dry, effervescent, some obvious Brett notes, apple, funk.  Acetic acid on palate, funky, slightly cheesy.


Schandpaal—Hazy amber.  Rocky white head.  Orange marmalade and light malt on nose.  Also apricot, pineapple, brown butter.  Cotton candy, faint coriander.  Dry, malty, fruity, very little residual sugar.  Toasty grain and fruit.


Lambiek Oud Beersel—honey color with no head.  Fruity cider aroma.  Sour cider taste with some funky herbal notes.

Moeder Lambic

XXX Bitter (de Ranke brewery)—Gold, medium white head, hoppy, fruity nose.  Hops more earthy w/ clean bitterness but slightly citrus-y.  Crisp, light malt character w/ pronounced hop bitterness


Bink Tripel—gold with white head.  Graham cracker graininess, milkd fruity yeast smell, fresh cream.  Taste—strong but smooth, fruity, dry, light malt, fresh cream, apparent clean hop bitterness.


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