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I’m Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

In Ramblin's on October 1, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Maybe I want to talk about pumpkin ales because it’s that time of the season when they’re all hitting store shelves.  But maybe it’s because I feel the need to complain.  Every year a large population of beer drinkers clamor to buy up the pumpkin ale breweries put out before everyone else buys it up.  And every year I hope I will find one pumpkin ale that will have a little integrity.  I never do.  Sure, a brewery can make a fine beer with spices and shit, but where’s the pumpkin?


I’ve had Dogfish Head Punkin Flying Dog’s The Fear, Southern Tier’s Pumking, and more, and none of them are really pumpkin beers.  Sure, they’re all supposedly brewed with pumpkin, but can anyone out there taste anything like pumpkin or squash in there?  I’m sure there’s a way.  Why not juice pumpkin and add it to the wort instead of wasting fermenter space with puree?  Why not up the pumpkin content?  And for Christ’s sake, why not lower the amount of spices in these brews?

I get it–we all love some pumpkin pie spice in autumn.  It warms us and triggers nostalgia of eating pie as a kid.  But can we all agree that without the spices, these beers would remind us nothing of pumpkin at all?  I’m not opposed to a little PPS here or there, but let’s just stop calling them pumpkin ales if they don’t taste like pumpkin.  Let’s just call them spiced ales or something more suitable.  

Frankly, it’s annoying, this misperception of flavor by associative confusion.  Stop it.  Save your money and go get some fucking delicious porters or biere de garde or Marzens and sit outside and eat some donuts.  That’s fucking amazing.  Pumpkin ale currently in the market is not.  Stop being a chump.




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